Welcome to Cat.js!
A petable virtual cat that inhabits your website...

Click here to download Cat.js from github

Cat.js is a tiny javascript cat that you can easily run on any page.
In fact, Cat.js is the very cat that you see sleeping on this page! Just look at her. She is so sweet...
Installing Cat.js is quick and easy. Impress your visitors with a cat presence!
Cat.js is a flexible cat and will run anywhere.

Yes. You can pet Cat.js!

Your website will benefit from the presence of a petable virtual pet. Studies have shown that the web is a lonely place, and this contributes to lonely visitors. While traveling the cold dank spaces of the internet, virtual pets can provide much welcome companionship.

Cat.js is a loyal cat. Once installed on your website she will not go anywhere. She will patiently wait to get pet. She loves light taps on her head. She is a great cat!

To lure Cat.js to your website, follow these install instructions...

* Carefully make a warm dry corner for her. Cat.js loves cozy personal pages.

* Copy the "catjs" folder to your page's directory. The "catjs" folder should be in the same directory as the page that you would like her to inhabit. All cat assets need to be nested inside of "catjs". (This sample instructions.html is provided as a demo.)

* Paste the following right under your page's < head > tags...
<script src="catjs/cat.js"></script>

* Then all you need to do is call cat(); You can do this by invoking it on page load. In your page's < body > tag add...
<body onLoad="cat()">

Done! You now have a loyal cat sleeping on your page.

To get rid of Cat.js (not that you should, but this feature exists) simply call...

...and she will no longer inhabit your website.

............................................................Mind the console cat! This is a two cat deal.