Welcome to FrogPets.js! The ultimate javascript extension to frogenable your website.

Click here to download FrogPets.js from Github!

FrogPets.js is more than simply another API or library. It is a quick and easy way of frogyfying your website without the hassle of writing code yourself, or dealing with other digital amphibians.

FrogPets are the ideal virtual companions. Now you can have them in your browser!

After the critically acclaimed success of the desktop version of FrogPets we have taken the frogphylosophy a lot further. Frogs should not be limited to just your desktop. Frogs should be made available across all platforms, in a native format! Their reach extends far, and now you can enjoy these benefits in virtually any environment. FrogPets will even work in your mobile browser, albeit to a limited extent. We are waiting for standards to yet fully evolve, nevertheless we have named these "FrogPets: Light" (Patent Pending). There is no need for transpiling. FrogPets.js handles this automatically!

Never again let your web be frogless!

To make your website FrogPets enabled simply add
<script src="frogpets.js"></script>
beneath your page's

FrogPets are easy to install on your page!

You may now call
fp_titlescreen();//the optional FrogPets start prompt
in your page load event. For example:
<body onload="fp_titlescreen();">

If you do not wish for FrogPets to run immediately you may hide them within your hyperlinks or make your own button and call init_frogs(); at any time. FrogPets are very accessible, and flexible. Your visitors will never know what they could accidentally click on next to release another frog!

Click here to download them now!