ParticleCursor.js adds a cute particle effect to your cursor...

Sound interesting? Play around with some of the modes below!

Bored of your cursor? Is the mouse uninteresting? Want something cute to liven up your page? Well...

ParticleCursor.js is just for you!
This will work on any website, and it's easy to add.
There are a number of functions for setting the mood of your cursor (changing the images), and two cursor modes (wisp, and flame).

To install simply add particlecursor.js and the particlecursor_images folder in the same directory as your page. Then add...

<body onload="particlecursor(20, 'flame');">

To your page's head tag for page load. You can alternatively bind this to any other button event or load event.
The particlecursor function call accepts two function parrameters. The first is the particle amount (1 minimum to 25 maximum). The second is the effect type.
There are two effects. "flame" and "wisp".
"flame" is a default fire effect. This is ideal if you want to change the particle sprites to fire and simulate a hellsite.
"wisp" is a gentler version. It simulates a cute puff of magic. This is ideal for enchanted websites.

You can set the particle mood by calling...

With a number range of 1-3. This determines what images are used for the cursor.
In the particlecursor.js javascript file are these arrays...

//array of images used for the burn sprites (can have multiple types of images)
var arr_particlecursor_imgMood01 = ["IMG_HEART_02.gif", "IMG_HEART_01.gif"];
var arr_particlecursor_imgMood02 = ["IMG_HAPPY_01.gif", "IMG_HAPPY_02.gif", "IMG_HAPPY_03.gif", "IMG_HAPPY_04.gif", "IMG_HAPPY_05.gif"];
var arr_particlecursor_imgMood03 = ["IMG_BADMOOD_03.gif", "IMG_BADMOOD_01.gif", "IMG_BADMOOD_02.gif"];

You can easily swap out the image names for your own images. (note that names must be strings)
The particlecursor.js file lends for some easy customization!
At the end of the javascript file is a function for checking against mobile so it doesn't run on touchscreen devices (assuming that's a thing people don't want). You can comment that in, and call particlecursor_mobile(20, 'flame'); instead of particlecursor(20, 'flame');

If you have had enough of particle cursor (and want to completely stop it) then call...


This will completely delete and clear all particles.

This started out as a little joke, that turned into something more or less serious. I'll be using it on the next site I make :) If you use it on your own site I'd love to know! Thank you, hope you enjoy heart