Run this haunted javascript to add a terrifying ghost to your website. Your visitors will be kept in a constant state of suspense!
Click here to download JUMP_SCARES_FOR_YOUR_WEBSITE.js!

Features include:
* Jump scares
* Terrifying screams, and howls
* A ghastly entity
* Works on mobile devices

Are you tired of feeling safe online?

Would you like to be kept in a constant state of fear, not knowing when the next jump-scare might occur?


Ghost installation is easy. Simply upload the "haunt_your_website" folder in the same directory as the page you would like to see possessed. Once all files are uploaded to your server, begin the ritual of adding the following code to your page...

Right bellow the
tag paste:
<script src="haunt_your_website/ghost.js"></script>

Then overwrite your
tag with:
<body onload="ghost_init(true);">

So that immediate possession occurs after load.
Note: you may substitute the "true" argument for "false" if you wish to by-pass the bootup message. This way visitors receive no warning of the page's haunted nature.

Click here to download your very own web-ghost!
Click here to download the desktop version, for your very own desktop ghost!
If this github link is not working, click here.