Stray website cats are here!

This is a simple javascript file that makes your website appealing to stray internet cats...

Download it on github here!

The internet is full of cats. Some of them don't even have a home. This piece of javascript makes your site appealing to stray web cats by turning it into a suitable space for occupation.
Don't worry! straycat.js is built for the modern web, with compatibility in mind. These are modern stray cats.

StrayCat.js is feature rich!

The stray cats that are called to your site can be pet (hold left mouse button), carried (hold right click), dropped (left click to drop while carrying), and will hang out on your page. Never be catless again!

Personality features include...
  • * Cuddly
  • * Likes being held
  • * Dead eyed stare
  • * Easy going
  • Enabling stray cat on your website is easy. Please observe the following...

    Download it from github here.

    Place "straycat.js" and its folders in the same directory as the page you would like to have the cat on.
    Then include the javascript by copying the code bellow, and pasting it in your website's "head" tag...

    <script src="straycat.js"></script>	

    Then change your page's "body" tag to call herekittykittykitty('Furnando'); on load...
    Note that you can change the cat's name by passing herekittykittykitty another string.

    <body onload="herekittykittykitty('Furnando')">

    That's it! Your page is ready to call stray cats to it.